Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting old!

I think flowers are the best birthday gift. Fortunately, I got some.

And we forgot to put the candles in the chocolate dessert (which we ate before dinner). In fact, we didn't have any, except this big one. So I stuck it in my slice of homemade pizza. Thanks so Michelly's culinary skill.
And me, myself, and I.
And with Auntie Myrna. How fun it was to have her with us! -Wait, are your eyes closed? I think so. But the other picture, I had mine closed, so that's why I chose this one. :)
And some snuggle time with Matthew before bed.... although I think he fussed all night. Poor kid. Poor Michelly.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chicago Botanical Gardens

Yesterday was a really warm day for February. Here are some pictures from my excursion to the Botanical Gardens.

This is called the "Island of Everlasting Happiness." There are no bridges or paths getting to it, so I guess they assume that everlasting happiness is unattainable. I'm glad for the gospel.

Growing Up

My beautifully handsome nephew Matthew. Looking more boyish now.