Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fieldtrip to the Zoo and Expensive Lunch in Chinatown

So, I accompanied 45 of my ESL students on their fieldtrip last week to Lincoln Park Zoo, and then we had lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I didn't organize this, but was instructed to just have everyone sit down and order, and then I'd pay with the university credit card. The students had a blast ordering all kinds of dishes to share, and the bill for all of us came to $1639.98 for 47 people! The organizers of the fieldtrip were surprised because most of the dishes on the menu were only $12. However, the Chinese do not do restaurants like we do. We have our own meal for $12. But they order tons of wonderful things and share it. I'm glad one of the student mentors caught a student ordering an $80 shrimp dish. But I did see a $50 goose on the receipt. Yes, someone ordered a whole, roasted goose. Hope they enjoyed that.


Beth said...

Holy expensive, Batman! Yeah, I hope they enjoyed it!!

Last time I went to Lincoln Park Zoo there were about a million more people there. I went on Memorial Day. :-P

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Probably about $1000 more than they expected, eh? What did you eat?

Aren't most of the kids from China anyways? How is that helping them learn English? :)

Aquaspce said...

Holy Moly!
I hope it was good :)

David said...

That's like all my food for two years! Seriously!