Monday, December 31, 2007

Photos from Abroad

Here are some pictures (especially for you Auntie Myrna).

Love, Heather


Michelle and Andy said...

Fun pictures! You are gorgeous (as always) in that one black and white picture! I was going to comment on another one but I can't remember which one... I loved them all!

See you tomorrow! :)

Myrna said...

Great pictures! I see that Craig no longer looks like a BYU student--he has a nice goatee! I like the picture of him and the Shreddies box! You are a cute girl, Heather! Oh--I really liked the night photo. It was awesome. Thank you for sharing!

Nancy said...

I love the picture of you in Artes! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the "Clifford's Tower" picture, too! :)

David said...

Cool pics! And Craig's lookin' pretty fly in his goat!

I can't get your blog on my profile for some I guess I'll keep going to Nancy's to get the link to yours.

Hope you're having fun in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you DID come to York!! Did you like my little city? :) I think I'd like it much better if it snowed in the winter instead of raining all the time... lol. Glad you had fun. I keep forgetting you have a blog.