Saturday, October 18, 2008

My new Aura

So, I actually ended up getting the Saturn. I need to get a picture of mine, but here's a photo off the Internet. My car in real life looks a bit darker red actually. But anyway. It's pretty, eh. I can't think of a good name yet. Any ideas?


Susan said...

Congratulations!! Love is a great color.

Aquaspce said...

Nice Car Heather!

Anonymous said...

(I'm your cousin, Patrick, you know)

I think you should name it Stanley if it's a boy
If it's a girl Stanlina

Beth said...

I love the deep red color! And I know you do, too. :-)

I am crummy at coming up with car names. My little blue car is Lucy but I never did bother naming the van we got more than a year ago. I don't feel as attached to it.

Hmm. Something regal. Helen? That sounds grandmotherly, not regal.

Anyway -- yes, nice car!

Anonymous said...

How about Allison II? :) Or Allison Jr. I'm excited to see it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Really nice... :)

David said...

Fun! That's one nice set of wheels!

I just got a new car too! I'll put up pics soon. Of course, mine is a used Hyundai Elantra and I paid cash, but it's all good!