Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visiting Teaching

Isn't this a great video?! My friend Rebekah showed it to me... hopefully I can be a better visiting teacher after this... I don't know.


Anonymous said...

That video is just too funny! I love it. And yes, I understand the message and such, but it's just still really funny to me to watch the culture like that. :)

Michelle said...

So funny. We watched that for a VT conference a couple of years ago, but I didn't remember the last part. Do you know anyone who actually meets with their partner to set up appointments? I hadn't even thought of doing that... Maybe I shouldn't admit that? Anyways, hopefully most of those are a little far fetched--but some are so true, like the "3rd wheel" one. Anyways, good to think about. :)

Aquaspce said...

thanks for the reminder Heather! I might post this on my blog in the future :)